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Starting a Business Selling Silver Jewellery


When you speak of jewellery, the first word that would come to the mind is ‘Gold’. However, silver is also an excellent metal for making jewellery. You can have some of the finest designs in silver jewellery as well. Some of the precious stones look heavenly when embedded in silver. There is a huge demand for silver jewellery today. Hence, starting a wholesale silver jewellery business is not only easy but also advantageous. We shall see some of the advantages of becoming a Jewellery wholesaler.

Silver Jewellery: The basics

Silver is a soft metal. Hence, you have to add a small amount of copper to make it strong enough to mold into jewellery. Silver jewellery has a special luster to it. It looks great on the person wearing it.

The basics of wholesale silver jewelry business

When you start out with a jewellery business, it is always advisable to start with silver jewellery. The main reason for doing so is the cost factor. Silver is cheap when compared to gold. Hence, you would require less amount of capital. You need time to establish yourself as a jewellery wholesaler. People usually prefer to buy from reputed jewellers. They would like to establish a comfort factor with the jeweller before dealing with him.

Thus, it is good to test the waters with silver and establish your name in the business circles. The trust factor is a very important factor in the jewellery business. Dealing in silver jewellery will enable you to build up the trust factor. Once you establish the same, you can graduate to gold and diamonds later on.

The advantages

Today, more people are gravitating towards silver because of the health benefits of wearing silver jewellery. Silver has therapeutic qualities. People now realise the benefits of wearing silver jewellery. Therefore, you can find a great demand for silver.

The other advantage of dealing in silver is the stability in the rate. When compared to gold, the rate of silver is very stable. Hence, there are fewer chances of incurring any loss while dealing with silver jewellery.

You can manufacture silver utensils in addition to the silver jewellery. This is an added attraction for opening wholesale silver jewellery shops.

The Online route

This is the latest trend in vogue today. Hence, while opening a silver jewellery business, it is advisable to explore the online sales route as well. This would attract more customers to your business.

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